About Quality Inverters

At Quality Inverters – Qualityinverters.co.za, we are on a mission to make solar simple, transparent & affordable. For years now, traditional solar companies and local installers have been over-charging customers for extremely basic solar panel systems (without batteries) …

The days of relying 100% on fossil fuel sources and big corporations to power our homes and up our monthly electricity rates whenever they want are coming to an end. Plus, the electrical grid we rely on today is hundreds of years old and failing more than ever before.

So whether you’re looking for a portable backup power system, a solar kit to power an off-grid property, or if you’re just trying to cut down on your electric bill, you’re in the right place. Our team are working hard every single day to help hundreds of people like yourself save time and money while achieving energy independence.

Quality Inverters are authorised Ecoflow distributors and have grown to become the #1 source for off-grid, hybrid, portable and emergency backup solar power systems in Africa. Over the years, 40,000+ customers have come to know us for our extremely affordable prices, legendary customer service, and fast shipping.

Why Are Your Prices So Low?

Save Time and Money With Us

The traditional solar model involves multiple salespeople, project managers, financing fees, designers, and more, all working to sell you as highly-priced and inflated a system as possible. They use your monthly electric bill and long-term financing options to make you think the math makes sense. But it doesn’t. This usually leaves you, the customer, paying an arm and a leg for some solar panels and an inverter. Between the R2,000-R40,000 in sales commissions and another R2,000-R40,000 in fees paid out to all of the other hands in the pie, it’s easy to see why traditional competitors charge so much.

At Quality Inverters, we’ve cut out all of this traditional bloat (all of the bullsh*t). Our focus is on saving you time and money by allowing you to buy it all yourself. We can charge you less than half the industry average while INCLUDING batteries with 99% of our systems so that you actually have power if and when the grid is not available – True Energy Freedom.

We’re disrupting the solar industry and saving our customers thousands in the process. Join us and the 30,000+ people who are enjoying their affordable energy freedom today!

Why Are Your Prices So Low?